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Jack Petchey Award – Grants for your unit

Jack Petchey logo We are entitled to elect a Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner from each County (London North East & London North West) in the months January to June, and September to November (9 awards per year). Winners do not have to be the best at sport, work or anything else but they must have contributed to their Unit or community in a significant way. “Young people selected should be those who have gone above and beyond, and achieved – perhaps where others thought they might fail.” The winners must be aged 11-25 years.
Achievement Award winners will receive:
• a framed certificate
• a boxed medallion (when they attend a JPF presentation ceremony)
• £200 to spend on a something to benefit the 11-25 age group (i.e in their Unit).

The rules for spending the Awards have changed. The winner should decide how the award is to be spent immediately after being chosen for the Award, and the money needs to be spent as soon as possible, as the information needs to be included in the reports submitted before the end of June and the end of November – actual spend needs to be reported, not a wish list.

The Co-ordinator (Marjorie Kipling) will notify the County Commissioner and the Unit Leader of the winners by email. For January to June winners will be chosen in two batches of three (January to March, chosen in February and April to June, chosen in April) – expenditure of these awards needs to be reported to the Jack Petchey Foundation before 30th June. Deadlines for nominations: For September to November the winners will be chosen in September and the expenditure needs to be reported before 30th November. Deadline for nominations: 23rd September.

Unit Leaders should check nomination forms prior to posting to the Co-ordinator, to ensure they are complete, and to ensure that the Unit has a list of ideas of how they might spend £200 if any of their nominations are successful. The actual name of the Unit Bank Account should be included on the form. The £200 cheque will be sent by the Treasurer to the Unit Leader as soon as the details of the award and the Unit bank account are available.

A form will be sent by email to the Leader as soon as an Award is announced. This will need to be completed in full as soon as the money is spent, and returned together with receipts – a deadline will be given for return of the form, in order that the Jack Petchey Foundation deadline can be met.

The receipts can be requested by the Foundation at any time, so it seems sensible to get into the habit of sending them as soon as the Award is spent, to save time being wasted in the event that the receipts are requested.

Reminders will be put in the Newsletter and on the website of the deadline dates to send nominations.

Please refer to this document for full conditions, including ideas of how to spend the money.

Application forms can be found here in Word format, or here in PDF format.